Own Your Own Medical Practice? Know The Importance Of Having Your Own Website

If you own your own medical practice, a website can be beneficial for both you and your patients. Below is some information about what you should include on your website, as well as tips on designing it.

Information On Your Website

Some things you should put on your website for your patients include:

  • Patient registration forms: Instead of having your patients fill out forms at your office, provide them on your website so they can already have them on hand when they walk in. This saves both your office and them time.
  • Contact information: Put your name, address, and telephone number on each page of your website where it can easily be seen by your visitors.
  • Services: List all of the services you offer for your patients.
  • Insurance: List the insurance carriers you accept. If the patient's insurer is not listed on your website, tell them other options they have, such as if you will take cash, payment plants, etc.
  • Patient education: Many people rely on the Internet for medical information, and they try to diagnose themselves. Provide your patients with helpful information about different medical problems, as well as links to reputable resources they can use.

Hiring a Medical Website Builder

Interview several medical website builders, and tell them what you want included on your website. Ask them to show you medical websites they have designed for other doctors. This can tell you a lot about how much experience they have.

They should also understand search engine optimization (SEO). This is very important, because this is how your patients can find you. If the SEO is set up correctly, your website will show up on the first page of Google.

The website designer should also be able to set up a mobile website, which will allow patients to be able to view your site while on their smartphone. A professional like Dr. Leonardo can help you get started on your website.

Setting Up Your Website Yourself

If you do not want to hire a website designer, there are website builders you can use. Some of these are completely free, while others charge a fee.

These website builders have different templates you can use, and they walk you through setting up each page.  The website builder you use may offer free templates and paid templates.

Some website builders allow you to create your own templates. This way, you can create a website exactly the way you want it to look.