2 Ways You Can Boost Traffic To Your Website

If you are an online marketer, getting more traffic to your website should be a top priority. If you are having problems in this area, there are things you can do. It does take time, but if you are persistent, you should see the amount of people visiting your website growing.

Guest Blogging and Backlinks

Guest blogging is a great way to get your website visible to many people. You cannot guest post on any blog, however. You should choose a blog that is in your niche, as well as one that is very successful. The more visitors the blog receives the better.

Contact the blog owner and ask them if you can guest post. Many of them will agree to let you, if your post is written well, and is useful to readers. Write the article and send it to them. If they like it, they will put it up on their blog, along with your byline where you can list your website address.

When someone clicks on your website address this is known as a backlink, because these links are directed back to your website.  Many search engines give websites that use backlinks more credit, especially if you have a number of good quality backlinks, and websites you link to are relevant.

When search engines look at your website and calculate its relevance to a keyword, they look at how many quality backlinks are on your site. For this reason, the links on your website should come from sites that are in your niche. For example, if you have a dog rescue website, the backlink should come from a website about dogs.

Other places you can use backlinks are in forum postings, article directories, and social bookmarking websites.

Inbound Links

A great way to increase the traffic to your website is by developing inbound links to your site. One way you can do this is to include syndication and sharing buttons on your website. If someone reads an article on your site they like, they can click the share button, enter in the email address of the person they want to share it with, and your link is sent to them. If they like the article also, they will click the link, and go to your website. They may find another article they like, and hit the share button.

Another way you can get inbound links is by posting in forums that are in your department. Make sure your posts are helpful, and the forum allows you to put a link in your signature.

You could write press releases optimized for keywords that someone would use to find a website like yours, and include links to your website in the press release. When you finish writing it, distribute it, this will create website links from sites that have high traffic back to your website.

Once you increase the traffic to your website, you need to keep your visitors there. Post a few times a week or every day, and change the lengths of your posts. Someone does not always want to read a long posts. You can also hire a website designer that does online marketing to design your website in a way that is more enticing to your visitors.