2 Major Social-Media Mistakes That Can Be Toxic for a Business

Social-media participation is a must for any modern business. No company can expect to connect to their core audience and be optimally marketing their products and services if they are not on social media. This is simply the way that marketing is these days, and the good news is that social-media forums are generally free to be on. Investing in well-written posts and social-media management is worth its weight in gold for a company's bottom line, though. Whatever your preferences are when it comes to social media, be sure you are not making the following social-media faux pas that can spell disaster for your business.

Mistake #1: Posting but Never Interacting

A lot of companies post a lot of photographs, articles, and memes on social media. However, whenever their customers comment or try to interact with the posts, the company ignores the customers. While some companies decide to go in this direction because it can seem impossible to reply to every single comment, you should know that your customers want to be acknowledged. Interaction can make the difference between a casual follower and an enthusiastic one.

Instead of ignoring your customers, interact as often as possible. An example of how responding to fans has really helped enhance a brand is the widespread appeal of Esther the Wonder Pig. Although the page has millions of followers, the author who runs the page responds to several people on each thread, and this shows people that they are heard and appreciated. If you can't respond to each comment, at least click on the comments if you can.

Mistake #2: Mocking a Group of People

A lot of companies have inadvertently offended their core customers by posting something that they meant as an innocent joke only to find that their customers were highly offended by the post. Some of these posts may make you roll your eyes at how obviously offensive they are while others may be more subtly offensive. In any case, always consider social-media posts from multiple perspectives and never openly mock any group of people that may be already ostracized in society. Stay away from jokes about religion, ethnicity, size, race, class, ability, age, or other personal attributes.

Finally, keep in mind that social-media mistakes should be addressed if they are offensive to your customers. It's not enough to simply delete a post, especially one that has attracted a lot of comments. Your customers and followers invest a lot into posts that they are following, and they can feel alienated and angry if the posts they thoughtfully made disappear. Address any mistakes head-on with a sincere apology and an explanation of what you will do to ensure that your company does not repeat its mistake.

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