Three Tips for Marketing Your Business on Social Media Like a Pro

Almost 80 percent of the adult population has at least one social media account, which is around 1.96 billion people. As a free platform, social media offers an effective way to reach a large group of people. If you have a social media account for your business, you're on the right path. Learn how to maximize your account and market your business on social media like a pro.

Choose the Right Platform

Make certain you are choosing the right platform to market on. Examine your business model to see which demographic your products or services are primarily designed to serve. This is important because certain demographics tend to use certain applications more than others.

For example, if you're looking to target professionals and other business owners, focus your efforts on LinkedIn. For a tech savvy, innovative group, look towards Twitter, and for teens, Instagram and Snapchat. While you can have an account on any platform, choosing one specific to your audience can be more effective.

Make It Worthwhile

If you want people to be interested in your social media account, you need to make it worth their while. A great way to do this is to offer some type of incentive. For example, a restaurant could use the platform to advertise a menu item of the week.

Details about the item would only be released on social media and any customer that came in and mentioned the post would receive some form of a discount, such as 10% off their meal. This gives your customer base a reason to consistently check your social media account, which is important to reaching a larger audience.

Be Straightforward

One of the reasons so many people enjoy social media is that it is very straightforward. Users can log on, see short bursts about what their friends are doing, look at pictures, and easily access other information. If your efforts aren't in line with this theme, people likely won't take the time to follow you.

Keep all your content short and straightforward. Avoid messages that must span over more than one post. If you have a lot of information to share, it's much better to include a hyperlink. By following this theme, you can ensure that more people are actually reading what you're sending out.

If you aren't getting the most out of your social media efforts, it's time to reboot. Consider pairing with a marketing firm who is familiar with the different platforms to revamp your efforts.