3 Ways To Ensure A Full Client Roster As You Build Your New Law Business

Building a new law business can be time consuming and overwhelming enough without having to worry about drumming up a client base so you can make a profit. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make the process of building a full client roster more efficient and effective. Consider using one or more of the following tips and tricks:

Network With Other Lawyers

A great way to make a name for yourself throughout the community and optimize your chance of winning new clients is to network with other lawyers in the area who specialize in a different aspect of law than you do. If you're working on personal injury cases, find lawyers who work on wills and estates or criminal law.

The lawyers you network with can refer potential clients to you that are in need of personal injury services, and you can refer prospective clients to them depending on the specific services they're seeking. In the end, you'll all be able to service your clients better, and you should be able to more easily keep your client roster full throughout the year.

Make Sure You're Memorable

You want the clients you serve to remember the good job you did for them so they're more likely to refer their friends and family to you if the need for your services ever arises in the future. So, in addition to making sure that you serve your clients with high integrity and absolute honesty, give them a parting gift after working with them that will serve as a reminder of your services and make it easy for them to promote your services for you.

Whether it's a coffee cup, water bottle, t-shirt, or a small stack of business cards, the gifts you give clients are sure to result in increased client interest and a fuller client roster.

Hire a Legal Marketing Team

Hiring a legal marketing team is one of the most important things you can do to keep your client roster full as time goes on. The marketing team you hire should dedicate their work to the legal industry, or at least have an entire division that focuses solely on legal advertising laws, techniques, and best practices.

Your marketing team will help you advertise your new law business locally and online using various proven tactics, and they'll keep accurate track of how well your marketing efforts are paying off. They'll create and manage marketing campaigns upon your approval, and help you come up with new campaigns as your marketing needs change. With a legal marketing team by your side, you and your legal team will be free to focus on taking care of your clients.